The Discovery of Manual Therapy


Sairan Stepanian is number one in the world to have worked out the method of diagnostics and treatment for pathological asymmetry of face and brain. Just imagine a situation. A specialist-orthopedist, patentor is looking through X-ray photos of skulls and Sairan's patients' portraits. And each face fascinates the patentor up to the utmost:

- Stunning! I can see this lady's nose was a bit of crooked, and now its straight! It's incredible, but the ears have been balanced..! Wow! And the left cheek-bone doesn't bulge out The longer the patentor investigated photos before and after treatment, the more surprised he got:

- Sairan Ashotovich! Your patient has become so lovely! Some new invention! - he summed up and added:

- There is nothing similar in the International Cite like your discoveries. But you have to solve one more problem, Sairan, - the patentor smiled:

- You have to prove, and do it quite reasonably, - the results of your treatment. I mean, these very faces on the photos and X-ray ones. And only after that we'll be able to patent your methods just as an invention itself. Now it was Sairan's turn to wonder:

- Why is it me who must prove the invention, but not the Patent Bureau? In fact it's the Patent Bureau that deals with testing originally of author's invention: But it turned out to be that they only make an examination of testimonies established in order to accept them as newly born in the given branch of science. But the Bureau hasn't got any device for testing the originaliti of the result in asymmetry treatment because there isn't any method of finding out and fixing skull asymmetry in X-ray diagnostics. Why not? For there isn't anyone who could balance asymmetry by means of manual therapy by now. Specialists say it might happen in some ten years... The way to win the recognition is really too hard with us. Patients have to wait for years in order to get a suitable X-ray diagnostics apparatus or someone will invent the method to fix face asymmetry. It was just by chance that Sairan met Michael Pyanikh, a programmar and soft-ware engineer. They were united by the lust for investigating something new. They've been inventing something like optical tomogram to measure the result's of asymmetry displacement. They are available for cooperation with Russian and foreign specialists. Centuries ago midwives corrected new born babie's heads when they were wrong. And thus prevented lots of illnesses. Nobody thought it was doubtful. Sairan started questioning himself:

- Is it possible to do the same with some adult's skull? If "yes", it would save patients from dangerous illnesses - skull trauma consequence, chronical hypertension and fatiguability, giddiness, ear noise and some other blocks of lymph and blood circulation Perspectives seem to be boundless, but trying to answer the question - if it's possible to correct an adult's skull - outstanding physicians of the world have separated into two groups - "for" and "against". Whose arguments will win? Sairan Stepanian found out that there isn't mere notion of "patological asymmetry" in medicine, let alone method of diagnostics That's why the most convincing reason of the opponents is paradoxical: it can never be, for skull bones are fixed! - Skull bones are lively, they participate in breathing! It has already been proved in medicine! - correction supporters affirm, whose amount multiplies day by day. But their arguments can't convince specialists. - I can see, - the patentor says, - that the nose has become straight, but you must prove how many millimetres (to the right or to the left) a physician "removed" it.

So, the problem is still the same: isometrical control is demanded. And it's quite fair - everyone must be prudent about his health. But passivity of so called controllers is both illogical and irrelevant. That is the question. Human's skull is so much fast in its construction, that it mostly remains safe even after accidents. And the reason is that the hitting power is reduced by gristly joints between mobile skull bones. This prevents some sorts of fractures, but produces four levels of skull asymmetry. Stepanian feels that there the same replacements may occur just as in a backbone. - They can be treated succesfully in case a manual physician operates Stepanian's method. And there is only one little point to add: one must have the hands of a manual therapy Master before touching a skull. Skull correction results that Sairan Stepanian makes are as follows: it restores skull breathing rhythm, blood circulation restores skull breathing rhythm, blood circulation rhythm as well as back-brain liquid, balances blood pressure and heart functions,head aches and insomnia disappear. It can cure antritis, frontit and arthritis of jaw blocks, correct bite and nasal partition. Sairan Ashotovich believes that it would be useful for younger generation's health to teach parents define children's face asymmetry. The earlier the better.