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Do you really want to get a lovely face and carriage? It's accessible!

Do you want to have a beautiful face and correct carriage? - No problem! Look intently at pop-stars' faces, when they are being shown on TV. You can easily notice, that your favorite singer has got one ear-ring a bit lower than another one. Wow, and a popular humorist's nose looks a bit of aside Sairan Stepanian can correct everything mentioned above, giving a person his youth and beauty. The fact is unique in the whole world medical practice and cosmetology with Sairan Stepanian. He with his bare hands can correct face and skull bones, delivering pathology and asymmetry. His patient's photographs prove that. While looking at their faces after delivering asymmetry, you can't believe that there was any problem before. Asymmetry ruins facial expression, lacks skin flexibility, it produces lots of wrinkles. Such faces are usually not photogenic. Lots of actors, especially ladies, spend much money on skinlifting, but the results are as a rule cannot be effective for a long time, because asymmetry tends to spoil all the surgeon's efforts. - By removing facial asymmetry one can solve the problem of not being photogenic, - Sairan Stepanian affirms.

A manual physician advises all men and women dealing with show business to investigate their face and carriage. To test yourself be sitted in front of the mirror, smile wide and keep smiling. Now compare the left half of your face with the right one. You can see an evident asymmetry, if there is. And in case Sairan Ashotovich helps you to analyze, you would hardly be able to sigh: "Oh, God" More often the left half of a face is removed down and back, and the right one-up and forward, which spoils a facial oval. While comparing it's perfectly visible. Ask yourself: if your nose is in the centre? Are your eyebrows, eyes and ears at one level? Are your temporal bones symmetrical? Is your bite OK? Are your cheek bones, mouth corners and lower jaw symmetric? Having answered these questions it's up to you what to do. Stepanian's method needs 5 treatments, each 25 minutes long, they aren't tiring. There isn't any age restriction - from 5 to 70. All the treatment is under control and has no side affects.

To be more attractive you should test your step and carriage while walking. The method of control is as follows. Stand straight in front of the mirror. Keep your legs straight. Big fingers of feet keep one line. Compare your left half of the body with the right one. Are they symmetric? Are your shoulders, breast, rib lines, arms and hip sides also symmetric? Now turn sideways. Examine your back. Hasn't your pelvis removed back and your heand-forward? What about your stoop and curvature of the spine? If you've found out some asymmetry, it's high time to visit the specialist until the curvature of carriage leads to serious illness.

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