"Know How": Sairan Stepanian's School.

Colleagues, would you like to cope with new therapy? Then read "Manual sacro-occipital therapy" at first. This is the title of Stepanian's book. It was published in Moscow in November 2002. The author collected all his 30-years experience in diagnostics and treatment (on patented methods) of human's skeleton and created his School.

Methods of treatment established in the book will help manual physicians to learn a new and more effective therapy. All the critics admitted inestimable advantage of Sairan's therapy - absence of side effects. The second part of the book introduces methods of diagnostics and treatment of facial pathological asymmetry and brain skull block. Sairan Stepanian discovered new technology of manual treatment - serial pressing skull blocks with palms, which is different from ever known methodic: deformation of a skeleton and skull bones is treated as a united functional block. Elimination of such a block asymmetry normalizes skull breathing excursion, its circulation rhythm. Replacements in skull bones cause disturbance of this rhythm, which in its turn forms functional blocks. New methods, presented in the book, have created innovatory trend in diagnostics and treatment - that is sacro-occipital therapy.

Stepanian's book is first of all addressed to colleagues-manual physicians, as well as to neuro-surgeons, orthopedists, traumatologists, surgeon-cosmetologists and pathologoanatomists. It's also of great interest to people, suffering from above mentioned illnesses. They will find out real possibilities of manual therapy and reality of their recovery without medicines and surgeon's scalpel. Manual therapy is likely to be the only effective remedy in the epoch of highly developed surgery and medicamental methods. It's worth while saying that orthodox medicine up to now does its best to belittle the possibilities and advantages of manual therapy, establishing restrictions for patients: age ones, heart ability, bones' substance. It threatens with negative consequences. But the letter is up to amateurs only.

Author's contact phone numbers: (499) 618-73-31; 8-916-202-13-13 (mobile); 8-916-113-03-13 (mobile);
e-mail: doctorm@com2com.ru
The book is available in the shop "Meditsinskaya Kniga" in Komsomolsky Avenue, Moscow. Phone number is 245-39-27.